raspberry pi for beginners

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Raspberry Pi for Beginners

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a computer about the size of a credit card, made up of series of small single boarded computers. It has many uses, mainly for electronic projects that are required to do work like a desktop PC such as make use of the internet, spreadsheet, word document, etc. along with playing HD videos. You can also code using languages such as Scratch or Python over Raspberry Pi, virtually do anything that a conventional desktop PC can do. The structure of the Raspberry Pi consists of a processor, RAM, some USB Ports, HDMI output, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and an ethernet port as well. You can install different kinds of the operating system over raspberry pis, such as Linux or Windows 10.

Raspberry Pi Uses:

Implementations and uses of Raspberry Pi for beginners are wide and far because of its ability to communicate with other devices and it can be used for a variety of projects. Because of its low cost and adaptability, it has become a popular device used by beginners for their small-scale projects and by students as well for their academic related projects.

Here are some of the ways you can make use of raspberry pi as a beginner.

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  1. You can set up a desktop computer with raspberry pi as the simplest use of raspberry pi. For this purpose, you will require a suitable display device, along with a USB or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are built in raspberry pi and if you need or want to use ethernet, then ethernet port is also available in the device.
  2. You can now make use of your old wired printer and connect it to the raspberry pi. All you have to do is connect the raspberry pi to your home network and download any print server software to help you out. This way, you can easily make a wireless printer and send and receive data from it.
  3. While the printer designed and implemented above makes it possible to easily and wirelessly perform the task of printing via Windows, Mac or Linux, it is still unable to support tablets and mobile printing. With Raspberry Pi, you can also add support for printing via mobiles in the printer if it’s not already there.
  4. Another common use of Raspberry Pi is its implementation as a media centre with the help of Kodi Media Center. Through this media centre, you can make use of videos, music, audios, etc. according to your requirement.
  5. With all kinds of usage similar to that of a generic PC, raspberry pi also allows the users to play games over it. For retro gaming, you can get Recalbox and RetroPie over your raspberry pie.
  6. Not just retro gaming, but you can also enjoy Minecraft over it. The default version of raspberry pi has an already installed version of Minecraft over it. But you can also create a server for Minecraft and play the game on whole other level.
  7. Since its creation, raspberry pi has been used excessively for electronic and robotic projects. You can install robot controlling package over your raspberry pi and control your robot along with the ability to maintain a communication with it as well.
  8. You can create a stop-motion camera with the help of a camera, raspberry pi, and a python script, all connected together.
  9. Similar to Stop Motion Camera, all you have to do is change the Python script to convert it into a Time Lapse Camera.
  10. You can make use of raspberry pi as an FM radio as it has built-in capabilities of broadcasting the FM waves. However, raspberry pi is only able to broadcast over a short Which might also be a good thing in case of a concept project because otherwise, for broadcasting over FM you will be required to get a permit.
  11. Raspberry Pi can also be set as a web server, connecting devices to the web or mobile applications.
  12. If you intend to market your business with the help of Twitter, you create a twitter bot over raspberry pi to help you out instead of buying one.
  13. You can easily build a motion capture camera with the help of a camera, raspberry pi, and USB storage device of high capacity.
  14. With the help of raspberry pi, you can create a digitalized photo frame on which instead of a single photo you can see different photos with captions or even a slideshow.
  15. With the help of raspberry pi no – IR camera module, you can easily create a camera for night time photography.
  16. You can use the raspberry pi to create a network monitoring tool and monitor all the devices and applications set up on your network.
  17. Raspberry Pi set up on TV along with media centre can work as a Smart TV.
  18. By coupling Arduino with Raspberry Pi along with a Node.js script you can create an efficient home automation system.
  19. You can also make use of AirPlay Receiver with Raspberry Pi to make an audio streaming device – speaker.
  20. Raspberry Pi can also work as a storage device for your network, storing whatever data you need it to.

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