Top 10 Amazing Raspberry Pi Project Ideas 2018

Top 10 Amazing Raspberry Pi Project Ideas 2018 1

Why use Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi can be used for the implementation of many different kinds of projects, electronics, and robotics taking the lead among them. With the price of $35 (5K PKR Approx.), Raspberry Pi hit the market in 2012 with the intention of teaching the students basics of computers. However, since then it has only grown in popularity for its simple integration in different kinds of project. Its scope has gone beyond that of simply teaching the students but is in fact used for many live project implementations in different kinds of capacity.

Maybe you picked up a Raspberry Pi for the holidays, or you’ve been sitting on one of the super versatile, palm-sized computers for a while now. If you’ve been wondering how to get started with yours, or what you could build that’s worthwhile, here are ten great ideas.

Raspberry Pi 3 Project Ideas:

Here are a few raspberry pi projects ideas 2018 for beginners that might interest you.

1. Build Your Own Portable PC:

raspberry pi project ideas for beginners

You can build a raspberry pi integrated computer with just a short list of equipment. All you need to build this is an old monitor, keyboard, mouse and of course raspberry pi. All you have to do is strap the raspberry pi to the back of the monitor and connect them properly.

2. A Raspberry Pi-Based Web Server:

raspberry pi project ideas 2018

You can set up raspberry pi as a web server to be used in different kinds of applications. It can be used to connect devices to applications when implementing Raspberry Pi IoT Projects. Such as connecting a wristband to a mobile application and relaying all the acquired data to the application to be saved in the database and shown to the user as well.

3. A Weather Forecast Station:

raspberry pi projects for dummies

You can build a weather station with the help of raspberry pi. With this set, you will need a few sensors connected to the raspberry pi to detect the temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and even give out a forecast. It can come in handy for more than one occasion to have your own personal weather forecaster.

4. A Personal Photo Booth:

raspberry pi projects for hobby

You can create your very own photo booth designed to capture precious moments with your friends and family. You can connect the camera to a device through raspberry pi, which will continue to implement a timer over the camera and take pictures and then upload them to the platform (social media or storage space) of your choosing.

5. Digital Photo Frame Via Raspberry Pi:

raspberry pi projects ideas

You can create a digital photo frame, connected to the raspberry In this photo frame, instead of showing just a single picture, through raspberry pi’s media centre, you can show a lot of pictures with the caption, show a slide show or even videos. It would make for a delightful gift for anyone.

6. A Home Surveillance System:

raspberry pi projects 2017

You can also design your very own home surveillance camera, all you will need is a camera, raspberry pi camera module and a python script integrating the system. You can add functionalities in the system through the python script such as motion capture or night vision.

7. Portable Digital eBook Library/Reader:

raspberry pi projects ideas

Are you an avid book reader with the penchant of collecting the books you see and then reading them at whatever free time you get. Now you can collect as many books as you like by turning Raspberry Pi Zero into a digital book library. All you have to do is plug your raspberry pi in and people will be able to connect to its Wi-Fi. This will essentially allow you and them to share books with each other and enjoy reading them.

8. An Internet-Based Streaming Radio:

raspberry pi uses

Your very own pod, you can create with the help of raspberry pi and stream online radio and podcasts such a Spotify, Google Music, Pandora and other similar spaces over the internet. With this device, you can stream any music of your choosing by simply plugging in the raspberry pi.

9. Build Personal Assistant:

why raspberry pi

Your very own personal assistant, helping and guiding you in your daily chores. What could be better than that? You can now create one with the help of raspberry pi and Google’s cloud speech API for voice recognition.

10. Gaming Console:

raspberry pi projects ideas 2019

Build a gaming machine with the help of raspberry as it allows you to play many kinds of games over it just like a generic PC.

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